The Entrance Verandah

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Fragments of Home

Sitting at the entrance verandah reminisces the moments of sipping our early morning tea on a rocking chair while enjoying the weather and the birds chirping. This space has welcomed all the guests and entertained them under its roof while enjoying the outdoors. It is a sweet reminder of the small conversations with neighbours passing by, the milkman sitting at the ledge taking a break, and afternoon naps on the divan under the fan with the sound of street vendors passing by.

Limited Edition of 10 pieces each.

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Product Specifications +

Dimensions: W220 x D55 x H20 mm
Net Wt.: 0.6 kg

Material: Aluminium
Technique: Sand-casted

Designed and handmade in India.

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This product is not eligible for a return. It will be dispatched in 5-7 days.