The Basement

Rs. 10,000
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Fragments of Home

The Basement exists, but that is mostly all that we retain. It keeps safe the unpacked suitcases, extra mattresses, and furniture for large gatherings. Stacked in one corner are wooden scraps, corrugated boxes, and aluminium trunks with winter clothing and blankets for all. It holds together our belongings and emotions that don't allow us to discard the household items we no longer need. 

Limited Edition of 10 pieces each.

Product Specifications +

Dimensions: W90 X D120 X H150 mm
Net Wt.: 3.6 kg
Material: Aluminium
Technique: Sand-casted

Designed and handmade in India.

Shipping & Returns +

This product is not eligible for a return. It will be dispatched in 5-7 days.