About Us


Stem's work is characterised by the simplicity of a thought. Led by Aman Bhayana and Sugandhi Mehrotra, a tactile aspect exists within the works of Stem. The studio’s work strives for cultural and societal relevance, questioning the role of an object in space. Through our work, we constantly explore and engage in the constant dialogue between the idea, hand, and object. The final products are only a glimpse into a deeper thought. Our vision is to blend the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship with contemporary design sensibilities. We believe in transcending borders and cultures through our products, making them universally relevant.

Stem celebrates the art of handmade creations. We prioritise the hands-on involvement of skilled artisans in every step of the making, valuing the uniqueness and character it brings to each piece. Our approach to craftsmanship is driven by the harmonious union of tradition and innovation, where every product becomes a meaningful bridge between cultures, embodying authenticity and becoming bearers of stories, connecting generations, and serving as a source of inspiration throughout a lifetime.


For enquiries and collaborations, reach us at info@stemdesign.co


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