The Terrace

Rs. 10,000
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Fragments of Home

The Terrace/ Barsati is the mischief space in the house. It is where we all collect to watch the sunset, look into our neighbourhoods, fly kites, and gossip with our friends. The Barsati has been a recreational space for some of us while also becoming home to many people. It brings along a sweet nostalgia for the independence it makes you feel. 

Limited Edition of 10 pieces each.

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Product Specifications +

Dimensions: W145 x D220 x H90 mm
Net Wt.: 4.4 kg

Material: Aluminium
Technique: Sand-casted

Designed and handmade in India.

Shipping & Returns +

This product is not eligible for a return. It will be dispatched in 5-7 days.