The Attic

Rs. 6,500
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Fragments of Home

The Attic pulls out the memory of a vacation. With the sweet nostalgia of it serving as a recreational space, the snug mood settles in almost instantly when you enter it. It makes you feel special, almost magical. The fragrance of materials like wood and plaster is always present, accompanying us under its roof while we get lost in feeling the perfect moment.

Limited Edition of 10.

The product is carefully crafted by master artisans and is produced in small batches, making it challenging, if not impossible, to create identical items. Therefore, any natural blemishes or irregularities should not be viewed as flaws. Production marks may include slight pour ripples or surface pitting that contribute to the uniqueness of each handmade piece.

Product Specifications +

Dimensions: W150 X D110 X H60 mm
Net Wt.: 1 kg
Material: Aluminium

Designed and handmade in India.

Shipping & Returns +

This product is not eligible for a return. It will be dispatched in 3-5 working days.